Lalakhal, Jaintapur Sylhet

Lalakhal, Jaintapur Sylhet,Sylhet

পাহাড় ও দ্বীপ

Lalakhal,which is another top tourist attraction in Jaintapur Upazilla, is covered with hills, natural forests, tea gardens, and rivers under the Jainta Hill which comprises part of the Meghalaya Ranges of India. Flowing from the Indian part, the river Myntdu enters Lalakhal as the Saree and meets the river Guaiyan after passing Sarighat. Over a stretch of nearly 12 km of the river from Lalakhal to Sarighat, the colour of the water stays transparent green in winter (as well as in other seasons when it does not rain) due to the minerals flowing with water and the sandy river bed.



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